Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HotSpot JVM garbage collection options cheat sheet (v3)

Two years ago I have published cheat sheet for garbage collection options in HotSpot JVM.

Recently I decided give that work some refreshing and today I'm publishing first HostSpot JVM options ref card covering generic GC options and CMS tuning. (G1 have got a plenty of tuning options during last two years so it will have dedicated ref card).

Content-wise GC log rotation options have been added and few esoteric CMS diagnostic options have been removed.

Two page PDF version

Single page PDF version


  1. ссылки на PDF не доступны

    1. PDFs are hosted on
      I have just checked them - links work
      May be a temporary glitch

  2. Very useful! One improvement might be to include the default values where applicable. They are usually a pain to find.

  3. Command below will happily show you all XX settings. Combine it with your XX options, and you will see how JVM will set rest of its magic number.
    java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -version