Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HotSpot JVM garbage collection options cheat sheet (v4)

After three years, I have decided to update my GC cheat sheet.

New version finally includes G1 options, thankfully there are not very many of them. There are also few useful options introduced to CMS including parallel inital mark and initiating concurrent cycles by timer.

Finally, I made separate cheat sheet versions for Java 7 and Java 8.

Below are links to PDF versions

Java 8 GC cheat sheet

Java 7 GC cheat sheet


  1. спасибо, удобный мануал

  2. I can't resist providing the equivalent cheat sheet for the Zing JVM from Azul: -Xmx. That's it, nothing else to worry about.

  3. thank you ! Looking forward for Hotspot JVM GC options cheat sheet for Java 11