Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coherence. Read through and operation bundling.

A technical article about Oracle Coherence data grid.

If you are using read-write-backing-map, you should know what CacheLoader interface has methods load(...) and loadAll(…) for bulk loading. And if your cache loader is loading data from DB, your implementation of loadAll(…) is probably designed to load all objects via single DB query (cause it is usually order of magnitude more efficient than issue DB query per requested key). Lets assume your read through cache is working just fine, and at some point you decided to implement cache preloading – a popular pattern. To implement preloading you have found some way to collect keys (e.g. via query to DB) and wanted to use getAll(…) call to load data into cache. Everything looks ok, unit tests have passed, but on real data it takes forever to preload cache! Let’s investigate this …

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