Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tech Talk "Magic of VMs"

Today, I was one of speaker at "Magic of VMs" tech talk in Moscow. Meet up was held under roof of Rambler, a lot thanks to them for helping us in this event.

Topic of meetup was low level implementation details of  various runtimes for popular platforms.

Below are link to slidedecks from presentation:

Ruby MRI/YARV, CPython

Dmitri Babaev

Erlang BEAM internal

Anton Lebedevich

Devirtualization of method calls by JIT

Alexey Ragozin


  1. FWIW TraceMonkey has been dead for quite a while now. If you want an example of a widely used tracing JIT then you can use LuaJIT2 instead.

  2. Yes, I know that TraceMonkey is dead. I wasn't aware about LuaJIT2, thank you.