Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tech talk at Highload++ Moscow, Secret of garbage collection in Java

Today I was speaking at Highload++ conference at Moscow.
Below is slide deck in russian.


  1. Alexey, I would like to tell you that your work is awesome. I bookmarked your blog because I think its #1 source of Java GC internals on the Internet. I have one question. What is minimum possible max GC pause one can achieve with Xmx64M (max heap size for Java process) where young generation dominates? Old generation is static and small. Can we do it less than 10ms or even better? What is your opinion?

  2. If total heap size is as tiny as 64MiB you can keep pauses less than 10ms. This is a viable strategy you can keep Java heap small and use e.g. direct memory buffers to store your data.

    In my experiments JVM with heap of 256MiB (ang 32GiB off-heap memory via nio memory buffers) was working stable with pauses below 10ms.

  3. Can you provide the English version for this slide?

    1. I have few english presentations on topic at slideshare. They are slightly different but cover same areas.