Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coherence SIG: Using Oracle Coherence to Enable Database Partitioning and DC Level Fault Tolerance

Today I was speaking at Coherence SIG in New York.
Update: 21 July I was speaking in BA Coherence SIG, slide deck is slightly updated
Partitioning is a very powerful technique for scaling database centric applications. One tricky part of partitioned architecture is routing of requests to the right database. The routing layer (routing table) should know the right database instance for each attribute which may be used for routing (e.g. account id, login, email, etc): it should be fast, it should fault tolerant and it should scale. All the above makes Oracle Coherence a natural choice for implementing such routing tables in partitioned architectures. This presentation will cover synchronization of the grid with multiple databases, conflict resolution, cross cluster replication and other aspects related to implementing robust partitioned architecture. 

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